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Should Rich Foreigners Pay Triple For British Private Schools?

surrey-private-schoolAn educational expert says that wealthy foreign pupils should pay triple for private schools in the United Kingdom than British pupils.

The expert, Charles Bonas, says that it is not fair for foreign students to benefit from fees that are a lots less than in countries such as the US or Switzerland, in particular when those pupils come from countries with low or no taxes.

Mr Bonas is proposing that those foreign students should pay a lot more because “most international parents do not make significant contributions” to the British economy over many generations.

The comments made waves ahead of the world’s biggest exhibition forum private schools in the UK that is taking place in the British capital this weekend.

According to recent reports, fees and UK for private schools are at their least affordable since the 1960s. There are increased concerns that future generations in particular of pupils coming from middle-class families can benefit from this type of top education.

Mr Bonas, in an interview with journalists: ” “Top private schools are oversubscribed so they can fill their places several times over but with fees at £35,000 they have become unaffordable to the squeezed middle.Yet if you look at Switzerland, boarding schools are charging much higher fees. But they have become the preserve of the international rich. The great thing about British boarding schools is that they can encourage social mobility because they’ve got many children on bursaries.”

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