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My Tip: Electronic Invoicing

The entire invoicing process is one of those things in a business which I consider anything from “inconvenient and at times annoying” to “really time-consuming and expensive”.

This is easily explained once you realize that traditional invoicing involves printing out a physical invoice and then sending it by a postal mail. This concept is almost as inconvenient and outdated as if you were to make use of postcards and letters for your business communication rather than taking advantage of the speed and convenience of email. So obviously, an alternative for traditional invoicing would be fantastic. And this is exactly what electronic invoicing is! Let me explain it to you.

The first thing which you should know is that you won’t have to change anything in your process when you want to switch to electronic invoicing. You don’t need expensive equipment or whatever high-tech devices for it. The beauty of e-invoice is that you can continue creating your invoice as before. The one, yet significant difference is that you won’t send invoices by (normal) mail but rather send it per email to an electronic invoice service where it will be converted into a electronic invoice.

Since the invoice is now a digital document it can also immediately be dispatched to and also processed by your recipient.

I found that for my a business, the switch to e invoicing helped me to save a lot of time. The costs are minimal and there are just so many benefits that it is one of the best things you can do for your business!