Should Rich Foreigners Pay Triple For British Private Schools?

surrey-private-schoolAn educational expert says that wealthy foreign pupils should pay triple for private schools in the United Kingdom than British pupils.

The expert, Charles Bonas, says that it is not fair for foreign students to benefit from fees that are a lots less than in countries such as the US or Switzerland, in particular when those pupils come from countries with low or no taxes.

Mr Bonas is proposing that those foreign students should pay a lot more because “most international parents do not make significant contributions” to the British economy over many generations.

The comments made waves ahead of the world’s biggest exhibition forum private schools in the UK that is taking place in the British capital this weekend.

According to recent reports, fees and UK for private schools are at their least affordable since the 1960s. There are increased concerns that future generations in particular of pupils coming from middle-class families can benefit from this type of top education.

Mr Bonas, in an interview with journalists: ” “Top private schools are oversubscribed so they can fill their places several times over but with fees at £35,000 they have become unaffordable to the squeezed middle.Yet if you look at Switzerland, boarding schools are charging much higher fees. But they have become the preserve of the international rich. The great thing about British boarding schools is that they can encourage social mobility because they’ve got many children on bursaries.”

There’s no question about the good reputation and quality of private schools in Great Britain. If you want learn more about how private schools can benefit your children’s education, at Kingshottschool you can read all about it.

Better Ergonomics at Work

Increasingly more businesses today are aware of the importance of good workplace ergonomics. With proper ergonomics at the workplace can come various benefits, not only for employees that will directly benefit from better health.

workstationEmployers likeways can see benefits such as reduced costs for health treatments due to work-related issues, less outages and less days called-in sick along with better motivated employees and higher productivity.

On the other hand, simply replacing office chairs with ergonomic office chairs is often not enough to ensure that a workplace is entirely ergonomic. This is why employers today are looking into workplace assessments.

A workplace assessment is a professional assessment of a workplace or workstation where all relevant factors when it comes to ergonomics are being looked at. The assessment covers the obvious things such as office desks and chairs but will also comprise of assessing various other environmental factors that can play a role in terms of workplace ergonomics.

A professional workplace assessment is obviously a much more thorough method to ensure proper workplace ergonomics than simply replacing office furniture. It is the best way for companies to make sure that their work spaces are conforming to all the latest ergonomic standards. At the end of the assessment, the employer will have a list of all those areas where improvements can be made. The professionals who performed the workplace assessment can usually also give further advise on what to do to improve your workplace ergonomics.

UK Rerunning Emission Tests You to VW Scandal

The United Kingdom is conducting its own enquiry into car emissions and testing as a result of the recent VW emission scandal. The British government aims to run new tests on engines from across the industry.

The tests that will be conducted by the British Vehicle Certification Agency will be done in conjunction with various carmakers. The British government moreover wants the European commission to launch Europe-wide emission tests.

Patrick McLaughlin, the British transport secretary stated to the press that the British government is taking the actions of VW extremely seriously. He added that it is his priority to protect the public as they go through the process of investigating what went wrong and what can be done to stop similar things happening in the future.

“We have called on the EU to conduct a Europe-wide investigation into whether there is evidence that cars here have been fitted with defeat devices. In the meantime we are taking robust action.” he is quoted saying.

In addition to the United Kingdom, Italy and France also want to take action in the wake of the mission scandal. The two nations want to conduct random tests and cars to check whether those cars has also been fitted with the software to cheat the official emission tests.

As a result of the scandal, the German stock market dropped 1.9% yesterday. Germans VW is not the only carmaker affected by the scandal. Among those German manufacturers who last shares is BMW whose stock dropped more than 5% and Daimler who last more than 4% in shares.

My Tip: Electronic Invoicing

The entire invoicing process is one of those things in a business which I consider anything from “inconvenient and at times annoying” to “really time-consuming and expensive”.

This is easily explained once you realize that traditional invoicing involves printing out a physical invoice and then sending it by a postal mail. This concept is almost as inconvenient and outdated as if you were to make use of postcards and letters for your business communication rather than taking advantage of the speed and convenience of email. So obviously, an alternative for traditional invoicing would be fantastic. And this is exactly what electronic invoicing is! Let me explain it to you.

The first thing which you should know is that you won’t have to change anything in your process when you want to switch to electronic invoicing. You don’t need expensive equipment or whatever high-tech devices for it. The beauty of e-invoice is that you can continue creating your invoice as before. The one, yet significant difference is that you won’t send invoices by (normal) mail but rather send it per email to an electronic invoice service where it will be converted into a electronic invoice.

Since the invoice is now a digital document it can also immediately be dispatched to and also processed by your recipient.

I found that for my a business, the switch to e invoicing helped me to save a lot of time. The costs are minimal and there are just so many benefits that it is one of the best things you can do for your business!

10 Very Helpful Online Business Tips

Conducting business on the Internet successfully can at times become very challenging. The entrepreneur or website owner may certainly encounters many obstacles. To make matters worse, things such as how to rank in the search engines (such engine optimisation) or the proper marketing are not exactly domains of a typical business owner. Those are areas where specialists are usually giving advise, and that more often than not certainly may not come cheap.

But there are some tips that an online business owner can do! I found it very helpful list at Small Biz Trends that I want to recommend to you !

It is a good and up-to-date check list and help list that covers all the essentials that are important today, such as social media interaction and many more. They also go over such engine optimisation basics to help you and to show you what you can do if you want your website rank better in the search engines.

I personally like that they understand the importance of web content, there is a section were they, this as well.

Better Fire Safety For Businesses in the UK

Every year, fires in the United Kingdom cause injuries and immense financial damages. For some businesses, a fire can even mean their ruin.

Now, today it’s not that proper fire safety and prevention measures would require extraordinary steps. In fact, the development of modern fire prevention systems has gone so far today that even very effective and advanced systems are rather affordable and are no longer difficult to install and to use.

Simple systems such as smoke detectors can be had anywhere and they’re offered for little money.

On the other hand, for more complete and maximum fire safety, more complex fire detection systems could be required.

For businesses and other commercial structures, wireless fire alert and detection systems are ideal. Their installation is far simpler and goes quicker since they don’t require extensive work for cabling.

Those systems normally consist of a number of detectors and manual fire alarms that can easily be placed in various locations throughout a structure. With modern wireless technology those systems are connected to a central console.

Even more advanced fire systems exist today that can be used, depending on individual requirements and location. An example would be modern fire spotting cameras that can detect fires via advanced real-time image processing techniques. Such systems can be used there where the installation of conventional systems would cause problems or would be rather ineffective, such as in stadiums or large outdoor areas.

Your local fire brigade can advice you on what fire prevention systems will be suitable for your business. At Argos Fire Ltd. you can learn more about fire alarms in Devon.